Getting Started

Buying a new home requires a major committment of time, energy and resources. Are you ready? The following self-assessment questions will help you decide if homeownership is right for you.

  • Why do you want to own a house?
  • How long do you imagine yourself living in this house?
  • Have you thought about ways your lifestyle would change as a homeowner?
  • How confident are you about your current employment situation?
  • How would you self-assess your credit?
  • Have you completed a household budget? Do you follow it?
  • Are you able to save money every month?
  • How much money do you have saved?

Set up an Initial Consultation

In order to make an appointment with our staff you need to bring the following information to our office:

  • Two most recent paycheck stubs
  • Two years of tax returns
  • Debt information: credit card statements, student loans, car payments, etc.
  • If applicable, a divorce decree, child support, etc.
  • A recent credit report or check so that we can pull your credit ($15.00 for a single person, or $20.00 for a couple)

During the initial meeting with our Client Services Advisor you will discuss housing goals, obstacles and your current financial situation (credit, debt, what level of housing payment you can currently afford, etc.). Plan on one hour for this counseling session. You will leave with a clear understanding of whether or not you are ready for homeownership and what the next steps will be.

Sign up for a Homebuyer Education Class

The Homebuyer Education Class is a comprehensive program that covers the entire home-buying process from budget and debt and working with a lender, to closing day and life as a homeowner. We try to have some fun, too.

All clients must graduate from the Homebuyer Education Class to be eligible for mortgage assistance or to be on the waitlist. Our class is accredited by the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority and HUD.

Classes are free and offered monthly. We provide snacks and drinks. For an additional fee you may purchase our national homeownership workbook.

To sign up please contact Linda Ward (, 970.259.1418). Check out our calendar for our class schedule.